Painting the Front Door

As a homeowner you are probably always looking for ways to update your home to keep it fresh and attractive. The outside of our house is often very important to keep updated as it is what the rest of the world sees. If you let your house become run down it can quickly become the eyesore in a beautiful neighborhood. No one wants their home to be the one that the rest of the neighbors talk about.

If no major outside renovations are needed for your home and you're not rebuilding homes after storms, you can still give your house a fresh new look in a very simple and inexpensive way. By simply repainting the front door you can give your home new character and appeal. Although it is an easy process, you should probably take time to select your color and become familiar with the process of repainting it so that you can be sure that you do it correctly the first time.

Selecting a Color

If you live in subdivision that has an association, then you may want to check to see if there are any requirements as far as your front door is concerned. Believe it or not, some associations require you choose from certain colors for your front door as this keeps consistency throughout the neighborhood. And, some associations may even go as far as dictating that your door actually be a certain color. If you do not follow these regulations you could face fines from you association. By checking with them in advance you can easily avoid those potential fines.

If you are not restricted by an associations guideline for colors, your options are vast. The first consideration you should make when choosing your color is what color the siding of your house is. You may want to take a swatch or a picture of your siding as you look at paint swatches at the store. After you have narrowed down your choices always bring home swatch colors and place them next to the siding and trim of your home to be sure that they coordinate. This will help you avoid having to redo the job if you find the new door clashes with the rest of the house.

Repainting the Door

Once you have the paint color selected it is time to begin the project. You will want to remove the door so that you can work easily with it. To do this, remove the hinges with a flat screwdriver and lift the door from the space. You will want to choose a nice day to do this project so you can work outdoors. Also, keep in mind that while the door is off the hinges you will only have your screen door protecting the inside of your home.

Next you should place the door on some saw horses that you had set up in advance. It is a good idea to place tarp or painting cloth under the area so that it is protected from any dripping paint. Then remove all of the hardware from the door. Make sure that the door is clean and free of any dirt or debris.

If there are any cracks or chips in the door, make sure to repair them by filling them. Sand down any filler that you do apply and begin apply the primer evenly all over the door. This will prepare the door to be painted.

Once the primer is dry, the final step is to actually painting the front door. Evenly apply the paint with enough coats to provide even coverage. Let the paint dry completely and hang your door back up.

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