Paying Your Bills Online

Paying your bills online can save you the expense of having to order checks as well as cutting down the worry of whether or not your payment will arrive on time. If you have ever had a check lost in the mail this may seem like a much better option because you can receive instant confirmation that your payment went through. Along with help on consolidating loans and offering assistance with online bill pay, most companies offer some form of convenience that help make things just a little easier for you, and online bill payment is just a matter of signing up when you are interested.

Talk to Your Bank

In order to pay your bills online you will need to pay with a credit card instead of a check. If you do not want to deal with the interest that comes with credit card payments you can often use your debit card instead. Before you agree to do this, however, you should check with your bank about the kind of online security they offer for debit cards. If they are aware that you are using your card for online activity they may upgrade your security to prevent identity theft.

Some companies will allow you to sign up for automatic withdrawal, which means your payment will automatically be deducted from your bank account each month. This can be a great way to handle consistent bills such as your mortgage payment, but you should talk with your bank about automatically paying bills such as your utilities that will change each month. You do not want to be caught with insufficient funds in your account to cover these expenses or you will wind up having to pay a fee to your bank.

Most companies have a section on their website that allows you to pay your bills, but if they do not your bank may offer similar services. Check your banking website for an area that will allow you to schedule a payment to a company, such as a credit card agency. Once you enter the relevant information, your bank will send out the check for you and send you the confirmation when it is received. If you cannot find an area online that allows you to set up payments, ask a representative from your branch if you they can help you locate these services.

Keeping Payments Secure

Anytime you are entering credit card numbers or other financial information on a website you should do so in a private place with a secure internet connection to reduce the risk of identity theft. Though these types of issues are rare, double check to make sure you are using a certified website for the business you are paying to avoid stumbling across a fake site. This information should be listed on your monthly statement so you know exactly how to handle online transactions.

Though it may seem convenient, avoid saving your information on your internet browser so it will automatically be filled in when you visit the same webpage. If you are sharing a computer with others, or tend to use your computer in public this will make it much easier for other people to help themselves to your information. If your browser automatically saves your responses when you fill out forms online, delete your cookies after you make your payment to remove the risk of others inadvertently using your information.

There are many benefits to paying your bills online, but only if you go about doing so in a safe way. There are plenty of ways to increase your internet security. Ask the company you are considering paying online for security tips and talk to your bank about adding protection to your card before you get started.

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