Why do I Need Personal Liability Coverage?

Unlike property damage coverage, personal liability coverage will protect your assess if you or someone who lives with you is responsible for damages that occur in your home. The unfortunate fact of life is that lawsuits are filed everyday for incidents that happen in people's home or because of carelessness on the part of the homeowner. If you find yourself faced with a lawsuit you will be glad you have personal liability coverage as part of your homeowners insurance policy. Whether you believe the accident is your fault or not - you will need to pay an attorney to defend you in court if a lawsuit is filed. Let your insurance carrier pay the bill instead of going into debt to make sure you are protected.

Personal liability coverage can be found by looking for quotes online. When purchasing a homeowners insurance policy you can find several quotes for great rates and then choose the company you want to work with. There are different amounts of personal liability coverage you can choose. The more coverage you have the higher your premium will be - but this could be invaluable insurance if you are ever faced with a personal liability claim.

Coverage for Injuries

If you are having a neighborhood party and someone falls off your second story deck you could be held responsible for the person's injuries. If the railings were not up to code or the deck was unsafe you will be responsible for taking care of the medical bills, loss of income and even pain and suffering claim. If you have good personal liability coverage you will not need to worry about how you will pay these bills. Your homeowners insurance company will look into the situation and decide if you are at fault or if the court will need to decide.

If your son invites friends over for a Saturday afternoon football game and someone is injured while playing in the yard you will be held responsible for the injuries. Accidents happen all the time and if a person is injured on your property you will need personal liability coverage. If the parents of the injured teenager do not have medical insurance they will need the money to pay for the emergency room visit and any follow up treatment the child may require. With so many families who cannot afford health insurance - the only alternative is to file a claim with the homeowners policy.

Property Damage

Personal liability coverage will also take care of someone else's property if it is damaged by you or someone in your family. If your spouse is out in the yard hitting golf balls around and accidentally shatters your neighbor's patio doors personal liability coverage will take care of the replacement cost. If your kids are messing around at the local park and there is damage to the picnic tables or other structures your personal liability insurance will take care of the expenses involved. No one ever plans to damage someone else's property, but it happens all of the time. As long as you have a good personal liability policy you will have nothing to worry about.

Make sure you find a great deal on personal liability coverage when you are shopping for homeowners insurance. Some people may feel like they do not need it - but purchasing adequate coverage could save you a lot of money out of your own pocket and a lot of headaches when dealing with the injured party. If you have homeowners insurance the company will take over and you will not need to ruin a friendship over hurt feelings.

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