Planning the Best Family Vacations

Family vacations are a time to get away from the stress of everyday life so you can bond and create memories together. You want to put plenty of preparation into your getaway so you have everything you need to have a good time but you do not want to spend so much time focusing on the details of your trip that the planning creates stress for everyone. Finding the balance between being well prepared and going with the flow is key to a quality family vacation.

Vacation Planning Strategies

The first step toward planning a vacation is setting a budget. If you can afford to splurge, then feel free to do so, but do not feel like you have to spend a lot to have a great time. If you have a clear idea of how much you want to spend then you can start breaking down how much you should allot to travel, accommodations, food, souvenirs, entry fees, local cooking lessons and any other costs that you anticipate. This will help you see where you need to strategize to save money and where you can relax your budget.

If you do not have any ideas for where you would like to go on your vacation get the whole family in on the discussion. Ask everyone for ideas of what they would like to do or where they would like to go. Be clear on any limitations you might have before you start asking for suggestions to avoid someone being disappointed when their idea cannot be considered. Try to aim for locations that have activities appropriate for every age group in your family and avoid issues such as allergies that might make some family members uncomfortable during your stay.

Be honest with yourself about what your family would enjoy and what they could handle. Your husband may be dying to go rock climbing like he did when he was in college, but this is simply not going to happen if you have toddlers in tow. Similarly, if there is a significant age gap between your children then you should avoid theme parks that cater to a younger crowd that might bore your older kids. Select a location that offers a variety of things to do and allow each member of your family to select at least one activity to do so everyone feels like they had a chance to do what they liked.

Once you have narrowed down where and when your trip will take place it is time to start focusing on the details. Make a list of outfits and accessories every family member will need for the trip keeping extras like cameras, athletic equipment or eveningwear in mind. If any of these items need to be purchased before your trip, factor these costs into your budget. If you will be driving to your destination you will also need to plan snacks, car games and fuel into your plans.

When it comes to planning the best family vacations the key is to relax. Some details like where you will stay and how you will get there need to be concrete but you do not need to have a minute-by-minute schedule for every day you are away from home. Be flexible so if the weather changes or something comes up you can continue to enjoy yourself without stress. The idea is to take some down time and enjoy each other's company so that should be the focus of your trip rather than doing everything your getaway location has to offer.

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