Planning a Date Night with Your Spouse

Sometimes when you start growing your family it can be a challenge to find time to act like a couple again. Setting aside time for date nights can be a great way to avoid getting into a slump in your relationship. Not only will you be able to act like adults and talk about adult subjects but you will have a chance to be romantic and express a side of yourself that needs to be set aside when you are acting in a parental role.

Step Away from Parenting

If you are not used to going on a date night with your spouse it may be difficult to turn off the parental role at first. You will want to talk about your kids or call to check in on them because you are worried. Make sure you leave your children with a babysitter you can trust to avoid giving into these urges. You want to connect to your spouse on a romantic level again rather than allowing all of your focus to wander back home and onto topics you could easily talk about around the dinner table.

Rather than going somewhere you usually go as a family, head somewhere new for your date night. It does not have to be someplace expensive or extravagant. You can head to an old favorite restaurant or to a place that you used to go when you were dating. Getting out of the old routine will help you get into the moment so you can focus on the feelings between the two of you rather than the thousand other things that are constantly on your mind when you are trying to deal with running a household.

Be Good to Yourself

Take the time to dress up a little, even if you are not going anywhere formal or fancy. You do not need to put on a tuxedo and evening gown, but taking the time to freshen up or put on makeup will set the tone for the evening. Let your spouse know that you put effort into spending time with them and you want to do something to show your appreciation. It will also make you feel better about yourself to pamper yourself a bit and go out wearing something you feel good about yourself in.

If you are hiring a babysitter for your evening out then be clear about how much time you plan to spend away. Remember, the people watching your kids have a life of their own that they will need to get back to and it is rude to leave them waiting because you did not budget enough time. There is nothing wrong with planning a date that will last several hours, or even a whole romantic weekend as long as everyone involved is clear about what the plans are so you can budget your time and finances accordingly.

When planning a date night for your spouse, make a point of keeping your tastes in mind. You might want to try something new and adventurous or you might just want to go somewhere where you feel comfortable and can enjoy your routine. Similarly, some spouses might like getting a date night as a surprise while others will want to be informed in advance so they can plan what to wear and make other plans for the evening. Consider what works best with your relationship so you can be sure both parties have a great time on the special night you have planned for each other.

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