Planning a Family Game Night

Between the rising popularity of family friendly video games and the longstanding popularity of board games, family game nights are a constant source of entertainment that your family can take advantage of. It is simple and easy to get organized so you can start enjoying your games. It is simply a matter of seeing what activities the different members of your family would enjoy and how often you wish to play, much like when teaching kids how to cook, its best to first understand the foods they enjoy best.

Getting Your Gaming Organized

Once you have decided to include a family game night in your schedule, you will need to determine when you wish to have it. Whether you are looking for an easy way to save an evening of boredom or you want to start a monthly tradition you need to make sure the times you choose fit everyone's schedule so no one feels like they are being forced to participate or cannot participate fully. You should also determine how long you want the game night to last before you get started. You can always extend your activities if everyone has a good time, but it is much easier to make plans if you have a basic idea of how long things are going to take.

Next you will need to decide what games you would like to play. Options can range from traditional board games, video games to activities like charades or playing billiards. Start with activities you already own and expand your collection as the tradition becomes more solidified in your routine. Also, make sure you ask everyone who will be participating what they would like to play so everyone gets a chance to do what they want. If you do not have enough time in one night to play all the suggestions, rotate the various games so no one feels left on in the plan making.

If you are planning to have a family game night that includes extended family members or family friends then they should be involved in the planning as well. You will need to decide who will host, what each participant should bring and what games to play as a group so it does not feel like one person is being rude or bossing the other participants around. You will also need to make sure that everyone's schedule has been considered so the maximum amount of participants can enjoy the game night without stress.

While a game night does not have to include snacks, it can make the evening feel more like a party. Snacks do not have to be messy or unhealthy. Stick with things that do not require a lot of extra grocery shopping or break your normal dietary routine. If you are planning games that require electronics or a lot of moving around, try to serve things that will not be dangerous or create a big mess if they are spilled. Plan a space to play the games where snacks can be set out but do not get in the way when you are trying to play.

Planning a family game night takes a bit of preparation, but nothing that needs to be stressful or difficult. If you plan on making the activity a tradition then you can use trial and error to determine what games, snacks or participants work well with your family and which do not. The important thing is that your family spends time together and enjoys themselves, so keep that the focus rather than worrying about everything being perfect. The best way to create lasting memories is to focus on the feelings instead of the details.

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