Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Bbq

In the warm summer months there is nothing better than getting outside and having a barbeque. Not only will you be able to avoid heating up your home by running appliances such as the stove but you have a great opportunity to socialize and break from your routine. You can have an impromptu occasion or take the time to plan something a bit more elaborate. As long as everyone is included in the fun then you are sure to have a party that everyone will enjoy.

Making Bbq Preparations

The first order of business is deciding what you want to serve. You can opt to give everyone the standard bbq fair such as burgers, pasta salads and the like or you can upgrade to something more unique. Think about the people you have invited and their personal tastes. Many families include people with food allergies or vegetarians that will need to be considered alongside more traditional eaters. If you are unsure about what everyone would like to eat, ask if they would be comfortable making the family event a potluck or ask for extra input when you are setting up the menu.

If you decide you want to make your barbeque a potluck then make sure you have someone in charge of organizing the menu. You do not want to be lacking a key part of the meal or receive one dish multiple times. Make sure different people are assigned to different parts of the meal such as appetizers, desserts and side dishes. You may also want to have suggestions ready in case someone cannot come up with an idea of what to bring and calls asking for advice. Keep in mind that this food will be sitting outdoors to try to stay away from items that spoil easily.

People love to come to barbeques, but so do insects. You do not want to have to deal with bugs constantly flying around and getting into your food while you eat. To avoid this problem make sure every dish that is going to sit out for a while has a lid to keep pests away. If you are living in an area that tends to be bug heavy consider purchasing bug repellant that will help remedy the issue. Just be sure to read the package to make sure the product is safe to have around food.

If you plan to make a day of the barbeque event you may wish to offer games and other entertainment for people to take part in when they are not eating. Think of outdoor sports and games that people in your family like to play and make sure you have equipment available if someone requests it. This can be as simple as a game of catch or an elaborate competitive event depending on your style. Just be sure to keep any games that involve running or throwing away from the tables with the food to avoid something getting spilled.

There are many tips for planning the perfect family bbq but the best thing you can do is keep the dynamics of your group in mind as you plan. Some people really enjoy spending a great deal of time outdoors while others would rather fire up the grill then bring all the food into the dining room to eat. There is no such thing as a right way to have a barbeque so do not get caught up in the details. Just make sure you have plenty of food for everyone and you are ready to have a good time when everyone arrives.

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