Protecting Your Family Safe From Too Much Sun Exposure

Protecting your family safe from too much sun exposure is an important step in keeping everyone in your home healthy all year round, especially when doing weekend activities with the family. When it is hot outside you must make sure everyone is getting enough shade and keeping cool so no one winds up suffering from sun stroke or gets a nasty sunburn. There are a few ways to decrease this risk depending on the situation at hand.

Protecting Your Skin

The tool most families turn to when they are hoping to decrease the risks of being out in the sun is sunscreen. Different levels of protection are necessary depending on your age and skin type, so be sure to read the bottle carefully to ensure you have purchased the proper product for the situation. If you are planning on being active or someone in your household tends to perspire heavily make sure you purchase a brand that will not wash away with time and make sure you reapply every few hours.

If you are planning on being outdoors for an activity that involves a great deal of sitting still, like a picnic, try to find an area that provides some shade. This will help you keep cool and help you prevent certain parts of your body from becoming overexposed. If you spend a lot of time sitting outdoors, consider investing in a portable umbrella that is easy to set up to avoid excess sun exposure.

Your skin is much more likely to suffer sun damage if it is dehydrated. The less moisture your skin has, the less it is able to repair itself. Most sunscreen has moisturizers included, but you must also make sure you are getting plenty of fluids and keeping your overall body temperature down to keep the risk of sun sickness at bay.

One of the most painful areas to suffer from sun exposure is the top of your head. It is very difficult to apply sun protection here, so if you tend to have an issue getting burnt you should wear a hat or pull your hair back to cover your part so you have a barrier between your skin and the sun. This is especially important for infants whose hair has not grown in yet as they have even less protection for their heads.

Avoid Overheating

Aside from skin issues, too much time in the sun raises your body temperature and causes dehydration. Keeping a stash of cold beverages nearby or making a point to relax between active activities will cut down on the risk of someone becoming overheated and getting sick. If you notice someone in your group is getting tired, out of breath or their skin is turning red be sure to have them rest and get out of the sun until they are feeling better. Apply cold water bottles or ice packs to pressure points such as the back of their neck or wrists for quick relief.

Keep an eye on the temperature during hot, sunny days. After a certain point the weather stops being nice and starts to become a health risk, especially if this warm weather comes with a great deal of humidity that will make the air feel dense and uncomfortable. If a trip outdoors is necessary during these conditions have an area in mind where you can stop inside to get some relief from the heat. Protecting your family safe from too much sun exposure will depend on you keeping an eye on everyone in your group and taking action if it becomes apparent that someone needs to cool down.

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