Should I Purchase Organic Dog Food?

Organic dog food may seem like a heavy expense, but there can be some serious benefits for your pet if you make the switch. Whether or not this is a necessary move for your home will depend on how your pet handles the diet they are on and how susceptible they are to illness or allergies. Before you determine whether or not organic dog food would be essential for your pet, take the time to look into what products are available for your breed and what nutrients they provide.

Benefits to Organic Food

Pets that are prone to allergies often benefit from organic dog food. If you have a dog that is prone to skin conditions that are so serious they are scratching out patches of their fur and you have not been able to find the cause it may be an allergic reaction to something they are eating. Organic dog food has much fewer ingredients making it much easier to narrow down what may be causing these poor reactions so you can cut that item out of your dog's diet and get them feeling better without the need for professional pet grooming care.

Dogs with digestive disorders or those who are prone to upset stomachs or constipation tend to see a dramatic improvement when switched to an organic diet. Instead of making kibble from corn or wheat flour that is not compatible with the traditional canine diet, organic foods use grains such as oats or barley which promote good digestive health and allow your dog to break down food more efficiently. Dogs that have sensitive stomachs can also benefit from the switch since you can easily read whether or not a food they have trouble with is included in the package you are considering.

Similarly, dogs that are suffering from diabetes or excessive weight gain that is leading to other serious issues like arthritis or organ failure can benefit from organic dog food. Organic food tends to have less fillers, sugars and grains that do not work well with canine digestive systems. This allows them to take in fewer calories without the concern that they are not getting the nutrients they need to function well. Because there are no fillers, you can feed your dog less organic food than you would a standard kibble and they will be fuller and have more energy than before.

Considerations to Make

Dogs that are picky eaters or pets that cling to routine may not like a sudden switch to a new food. If you are considering changing to an organic brand, see if you can find a company that will provide a sample of their product to see if your dog will eat it and whether or not there seems to be any benefit to changing products. You do not want to purchase a large bag of food only to have it go to waste because your dog turns their nose up every time you fill their bowl.

Organic pet food products tend to cost more than their competitors. Though you can often feed your dog less with an organic product since there are no fillers, you will still be spending more than you did previously to feed your pet. Make sure this is a financial move you can afford to make so you do not get your dog used to a new food only to have to switch back a few months later because the expense has become a burden for your household grocery budget. Also consider that you may have to switch to organic treats as well once your dog becomes used to the taste of organic food.

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