What are Some Tips for Purchasing Safe Dog Toys?

Toys are a great way for your dog to have fun in between the daily walks with your pet, but the right items can also be valuable learning and dental health tools. Since so much rests on a dog toy, it is crucial that you ensure that the particular item is safe enough for him or her to use. The safety should be determined prior to buying the toy so that you can prevent any accidents at home. There are a few important tips to keep in mind when you are purchasing the ideal dog toys for your furry friend.

Your Dog's Age

One of the first things to consider is your dog's age before you can determine the safest and most appropriate toys. Hard toys should never be given to puppies because their teeth are not strong enough to handle them. Plus, a small, hard toy can pose a serious choking risk to young dogs. Soft toys are ideal for puppies, but they can also be more appropriate for older dogs with sensitive teeth. A toy's softness does not necessarily mean it is not as sturdy, but you will want to test out a particular toy at the store before purchasing to ensure its durability. If you can easily pull on the toy, then this might not be the safest for your pet.

Quality and Special Considerations

The best quality toys generally cost a little bit more. Such differences are not extravagant, and they can often equate to just a mere few dollars. By paying a little bit more for the initial toy, you can better ensure that your dog will enjoy the item safely. At the same time, you should not solely let price dictate your safe toy purchases. It is still important to test out toys, whether they carry high price tags or not. Sometimes buying toys online can be cheaper, but you risk the fact that the items might not be as better quality as store bought ones; in such cases, you might asking other dog owners about their online toy shopping experiences.

Even the best quality toys can wear down and tear after a while, especially if your dog is an advent chewer. You should check all dog toys often in order to ensure that there are not excessive worn spots, or holes and tears within the items. This task is best completed when your dog is sleeping or distracted so that he or she does not try to pry the toy away from your hands during the inspection. Whenever you are in doubt about a particular toy's safety, this is the best time to get rid of it. You do not want to face a situation in which a seemingly safe toy becomes a choking hazard for your canine.

When you have a family that consists of both dogs and children, their toys can often get mixed up. Not only might this be unsanitary for children, but this can pose a danger to your dogs as well. Children's toys are not made the same way as those for canines, so your dog can potentially tear apart the former kind easily, and so quickly that you might not even notice it. The choking hazards increase as your children get older, because their toys get smaller and smaller. By keeping items separate, you can ensure the safety of both your children and your pets. Also, never intentionally provide your dog with a child toy for the sake of saving money--this method will likely backfire and pose potential health hazards to your beloved pet.

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