Is It Easy to Put in a New Pool?

Putting in a new pool can be easy if you choose to have a professional do it. All you need to do really is get quotes from different companies that offer pool installation, check the home project time frame for completion, pay a deposit and you are on your way. You could be swimming in your backyard within a matter of weeks. Putting in a pool through a do it yourself job is not going to be as easy, however, as it takes a lot of grunt work and time.

Contractor Vs DIY Pool Installation

If you do decide to put in the hard work and install the pool yourself then you can save some money along the way. However, you will need to have the right equipment to get the job done right. You will also need to have council approval which is one of the reasons to invest in a contractor in the first place. A contractor can come to your house and assess the area so you will be approved by the council as part of their services.

To put in a new pool you will first need to decide on the location. You will most likely want to have flat ground and will most likely choose a place that is private. Next you will need to decide on the size and shape of the pool. Are you looking for a lap pool or a bean pool? Are you looking for any special features such as a cascading waterfall, sandy area or wading pool?

You can start by comparing the different styles of pools offered through various contractors. This will give you a better idea of what is out there and what will fit with your home. A contractor will usually provide free estimates and quotes for swimming pools. What this means is they will come to your house and check to see what styles will suit the area you are working with.

The Pool Installation Process

Once you have decided on your location it's time to dig a hole. You can expect to have to dig out the ground using heavy machinery then fill it with concrete, fiberglass or whatever other material you want for your pool. Keep in mind that digging a big hole in the ground, filling it with concrete and then with water is only the very basic framework, however.

Most pools will also need to fence around them as part of council regulation as well as a deck or patio of some sort. Your pool may require steps, lighting, a shed to store the compartments and much more. All of these things are best left to the professional unless you have experience in pool installation or know someone that can help you that does.

While the pool will not be installed overnight, you can expect every day to bring you one step closer to a new pool. One issue you may have is having builders and laborers working in your backyard while you are at work. However, this is the easiest way to get the installation done in a matter of weeks, not months. Ask for a time frame on the complete pool, deck and fence installation when looking into installing a new pool through a contractor.

While it is not easy to put in a new pool by yourself, it is easy to get a company to do it for you. And this is often the best way to go. Going with a contractor means that all the dirty work is done for you.

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