Rebuilding a Home After a Natural Disaster

If your home has become damaged during a natural disaster you will want to work closely with your homeowner insurance to make sure that you get your home rebuilt as soon as possible. Contact FEMA as well to see if they can offer any assistance for your situation too. Between FEMA and your homeowners policy, the financial aspects of rebuilding your home should be covered.

Since you are currently unable to live in your damaged home you will need to live somewhere else while the college student housing project is being completed. It is a good idea to choose a temporary residence that is nearby so that you can monitor the construction process. Also, being close by will help keep consistency for your family during this difficult time as they will still be close to their school, friends, and other important places.

Hire a Contractor

Many people make the mistake of deciding to be the building contractor when building their first home. But, once the project begins they realize how much time and stress it truly takes to be the overall project contractor. This can actually be a full time job in itself.

You can avoid this frustration by hiring a building contractor instead. The contractor then acts as the project manager making sure that each individual contractor does superior work and operates within the project timeline and schedule. It is their job to hire the individual contractors and often times they work out pricing as well. It is wonderful to let them handle this as a contractor is more familiar than you would be with area sub contractors and the prices for their services.

After you partner with a solid contractor they can begin to help you plan the project from start to finish. They will work with you to get blueprints drafted for your new home. You may choose to build the exact same home in its place or use this as an opportunity to create a completely new home for you and your family.

When a blueprint is drafted the contractor should then be able to let you know approximate costs for the labor and materials of the entire project. And, they can begin getting bids from local sub contractors as well. They will need to hire carpenters, electricians, concrete workers, roofers, and many other skilled professionals to build your beautiful new home.

Permits and Authorization

After a natural disaster, often times the area that was affected is completely ravaged and destroyed. You may need to work with FEMA and you local officials to ensure the area is cleared for rebuilding before you can begin. This will need to happen in order to get the proper building permits for the construction project. Your contractor will be familiar with what types of permits are required for the job and can handle all of that for you as well.

If natural disasters are common for your region you may want to think about adding a design to the home that will further protect it from this natural disaster. For example, if forest fires are prevalent for your area you may choose to go with a mostly brick structure to protect it from fire. Also, if it is on a flood terrain you may choose to eliminate a basement or ensure proper drainage measures are in place. Your local contractor probably is full of ideas on how to enhance your new homes resistance to common natural disasters that plague your area. That is why it is important to work closely with a skilled contractor when rebuilding a home after a natural disaster.

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