Repairing a Leaky Faucet

Owning a home can sometimes seem like an uphill battle that requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep. However, home ownership is also a rewarding experience and one that many Americans undertake. So while fixing broken and updating unsightly aspects of your home may be frustrating, it often is necessary to truly enjoy and appreciate your real estate purchase. Some fixes are going to be rather simple and basic, while others will be much more time intensive and difficult. Fixing a leaky faucet is one job that should not take too much time, and can be accomplished by homeowners that have the tools and the motivation.

Preparing to Make Repairs

Your leaky faucet is both annoying and wasteful and it is important that homeowners do their best to fix these kinds of problems by replacing kitchen hardware. When you begin to prepare to fix your faucet, there are a few things that you will have to do in order to avoid problems. First, owners should shut off the water going to the faucet that they are planning to repair. Failure to shut off the water can lead to a big mess, and it should be the first thing that you do. Another good idea is to put tape on the end of any pliers or wrenches that you are going to use in order to prevent scratching the hardware. Finally, it is also smart to block your drain in order to prevent parts from falling into it.

Identifying Your Faucet

When it comes time to make the actual repairs, you will first have to determine what kind of faucet you own. There are several types of faucets, and each style will have a different repair method. Disc faucets, sleeve faucets, ball faucets and compression faucets are some of the most common types of faucets, and customers will need to correctly identify their particular product before they begin with the repairs. There are a number of free guides that can help homeowners correctly identify their faucet type and begin their repairs.

In some cases, the cause of the leaking is something that is very simple and easy to replace or repair. For example, you may just have a broken seal or worn O ring that needs replacing. These kinds of repairs can be made quickly and require very little money or effort. Other times, people may have old hardware that is corroded or has broken components. In these circumstances, customers often have to purchase new products and their purchase and reinstallation may be a bit more expensive. Also, in some extreme cases, the source of the leak may be too difficult to determine and you may have to hire a professional to make the repairs.

Using the Internet

Regardless of the reason for your leak or your type of faucet, the Internet provides a wealth of information for people that are repairing a leaky faucet. Use the tips that we have provided to get started on your repairs, and you may be able to avoid some basic problems that more unprepared homeowners are going to encounter. Do the necessary research, buy the right components, and complete your project as professionally as possible. Your home is a very important investment and one that deserves a lot of care and attention. Even the smallest repairs and changes can make a big difference in the convenience and comfort of your residence. Whether your leak has been going on for years, or is a new development in your kitchen or bathroom, take the time today to make the necessary repairs.

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