Repairing Tile Grout

If you have a bathroom in your home that is in serious need of repair, then it is likely that there is a tiling project in your near future. A great and inexpensive way to give an immediate face lift to your bathroom space is to replace the grout in the tile. If you are happy with the tile that is already in place but just can't seem to get the grout clean, then this is a simple solution that is used when people purchase older homes. It is a lot less expensive to replace just the grout than it would be to replace all of the tile in your bathroom.

Necessary Materials

Before you begin any project you need to compile all of the materials that are needed to get the job done. The tools you will need to replace the grout in your tile you will need a grout saw, a stick like a dowel, a squeegee or sponge, and grout float. You will also need to purchase grout, and sealant. And, lastly you need to have rags and dry towel available.

You may think all grout is the same and you just need to grab some and go. But, that is not the case. You will need to choose the right color for your tile. You can either match it identically to the grout that was in place previously, or you can simply match it to your tile. Your home improvement store will likely have a chart to help you match your grout to your tile properly. You can always lighten grout by adding more water to it.

Let's Get Started

Of course you need to think of safety first and always wear eye protection when you are removing the old grout. It could be very damaging for your eyes to have small pieces of grout flying into them. The best way to remove the old grout is to apply a mixture of vinegar and water to clean the area and then use a grout saw to remove the grout. But, be careful not to damage the tile in the process.

You will then want to dampen the joint area with water and use a paper towel to soak up any excess puddles in the groove areas. Then, mix the grout up following the directions on the packaging. And, then you can spread the grout into the joints with a grout float. Make sure to fill each space completely. To be sure that the joints are completely full of grout, take the dowel rod or rounded stick and smooth the joint surface.

You can then remove the extra grout with a damp sponge or squeegee. Make sure to rinse your sponge often and wipe the entire area down as well. After that you need to let the grout set according to the directions on the packaging. Make sure to apply the grout sealant once the grout has completely dried if the grout is in a humid bathroom area.

Once everything is completely dry you can then clean the tile with a damp cloth and then polish the tile with a dry towel. Your tile should be good as new with the new grout in place. Repairing tile grout is a very affordable and easy project. But it is always good to mention that you should have an updated homeowner's insurance policy before you being any time of home renovation project for your protection. By following these simple and easy directions you can give your bathroom a great face lift for not must cost.

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