Replacing the Weatherstripping on a Door

The weatherstripping on your door is the stuff that sticks to the bottom and the sides and keeps the drafts and other unwanted items from coming into your house. It is important to keep an eye out for torn or damaged weatherstripping which will happen to all doors eventually. If you are faced with damaged weatherstripping or are noticing a draft coming from your doors, then it might be time to get out the tools and set aside a couple of hours to replace the weatherstripping on your door. Consider wall painting around the door as well for a new and fresh look.

Weatherstripping and Your Home

There are a number of reasons to replace the weatherstripping on a door. One of the biggest benefits to new weatherstripping is that you will reduce the drafts that you feel coming into your home. If you notice that you are constantly cold, even with the furnace cranked right up, then there is a pretty good chance that the cold outside air is coming through poorly insulated weatherstripping. Replacing the weatherstripping will ensure that your home remains at a more comfortable temperature and that you are not constantly feeling a draft coming through.

Replacing the weatherstripping can also eliminate any dampness or wetness that you feel around your door. Having cracks in the doors can mean that the rain and wind can come inside. This can result in rotting, mold, mildew and other damage to the areas around the doors which can be hard to fix down the road. Stopping the problem at its source is your best bet in fixing this issue.

Finally, when replacing the weatherstripping on a door you can also expect much lower energy bills. Because you will not be battling with the draft during the winter you can expect to need to rely on your furnace much less. This means lower energy consumption and lower energy bills in the process. This is also the case during the hot summer months; the stifling sticky outside air will stay outside rather than creeping in through the cracks in the weatherstripping.

How to Replace the Weatherstripping

Replacing weatherstripping can be done in an hour with the right tools. You will need a claw hammer, a pry bar and a screwdriver. The first thing you need to do is remove the door from its hinges with the screwdriver. That way you will have a better view of the current weatherstripping on the edges and how to remove it.

To remove the old weatherstripping you will need to use the pry bar to loosen it. Gently tap at the pry bar, placed underneath the stripping with a hammer until it loosens up and you can pull it off. This may take some muscle to get rid of the old pieces but continue to use the pry bar as leverage to get rid of it. You can also use the claw part of the hammer once you have a solid grip on the stripping.

The stripping will probably be fastened with screws as the top and bottom of the door which will need to be loosened and removed. Once you have done this you are ready to attach a new piece. There may be specific instructions on the new weatherstripping as to how you add a new piece but you can expect to do what you have done to remove the strip but in reserve. Before you follow these instructions give the door edges a good wipe down and clean so that you are starting on a clean and smooth surface. This will make replacing the weatherstripping on a door a lot easier.

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