Retiling a Floor

One of the things that you may wish to do when it comes to revamping your house is retile the floor. Over time tiles can get quite dirty and dull and in some instances, even the most powerful cleaners cannot get rid of the gunk. Furthermore, you may find that the selection the previous owner had for floor tiles does not match your personal tastes and thus you cannot wait to take out the 70's yellow stained tiles and replace them with something more crisp, more clean, more modern and more you!

Retiling a floor can be done as a do it yourself project but you want to take your time and be sure that you have the equipment, the materials and the patience to do this properly. A mistake in your floor tiles and you will notice it forever. In fact, you will not be able to walk into the room without seeing it. If you are a little concerned about ruining your flooring or do not have the time to do this home renovation, then there are professionals that can get the job done as well. You may wish to get a few quotes from professional tiling company to see what kind of money you are looking at. If it is well out of your budget then there is always the option of doing it yourself, but make sure later to increase your insurance coverage.

Before you go about retiling a floor you will need to get rid of the old tiles which can be done with a hammer. After you have gotten rid of all the old tiles you need to ensure that the foundation is actually even. If there are any areas where there is a water problem or damp spot, then this needs to be corrected with a waterproof compound before continuing. You also need to get rid of any bumps in the foundation as well as any powdery surfaces. If the ground is not smooth and hard then you will need to purchase a latex sealer before laying down your tiles. This will add extra protection between your tiles and the floor.

Do It Yourself Floor Tiles

Retiling a floor involves three big steps - laying the tiles, cutting the tiles to fit around the edges and grouting the area. Laying the tiles starts at the center of the room and you work your way outwards. You should always start at the center as this is where the main traffic comes from.

When laying the tiles you should only work with a small area at a time. Lay the tile making sure there is even space in between for the adhesive and the next tile. You can purchase several tools that will measure this for you.

Around the edges and corners you will most likely need to cut your tiles to fit. You should use a special tile saw to ensure a smooth cut and to ensure the tiles do not shatter. Use caulk to mark the areas and take your time getting the measurements before cutting away at your tiles.

One day after the tiles have been laid you can get to grout which means adding filler in between each tile. Grout can be purchased in liquid, powder or paste. All you need to do is pour in between the edges and then wipe away the excess grout before it sets on the tiles. Retiling a floor may seem like a big task but if you take it in small steps, then the job will be done in no time and you will be able to enjoy a new modern floor by the end of the weekend.

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