Saving Money on Landscaping Materials

You want your yard to look great and compliment the curb appeal of your home, but that does not mean you want to spend a lot to make it presentable. There are many financial planning tips to saving on landscape materials if you are familiar with what is common in your area. The more you focus on what works well in your climate, the easier it will be to find materials that last.

Finding Alternative Options

Purchasing plants that are common in your area rather than looking for exotic blooms can be an easy way to save money. Not only will these plants be cheaper in the store, you will not need to spend as much time or resources taking care of them as they will naturally prosper in your climate. Focusing on plants that will survive from year to year rather than annual blooms can also save you money since you will not need to worry about replacing your plants from year to year.

Keep an eye out in your local paper for plant exchanges. If you live in a community that is passionate about gardening, many people are willing to trade or give away their excess plants. Buying from someone who is passionate about the subject will also give you an opportunity to ask questions about what might be best for your yard.

Rather than buying expensive topsoil for your garden, you can naturally enrich the soil that is already available around your house. Start a compost heap for any natural kitchen or yard waste. As these materials break down you can use them to add minerals to your flowerbeds, helping your plants grow to their full potential.

Woodchips or other mulching products can be expensive, but there are easy ways to save on these products as well. If you know someone who owns a wood chipper, you can make your own woodchips by having them grind up fallen tree limbs or other trimmings from your yard. Spreading the grass clippings from your lawn mower in the beds can add cleanliness to the area and enrich the soil without you having to spend a dime.

Accent pieces such as benches or lawn ornaments are available at craft fairs, often at a fraction of the cost of purchasing on in a store. It is also not uncommon to find these materials for sale at garage sales or other used markets. A quick clean and they can look bright and new, adding a lovely accent to an area of your yard.

Focusing on Upkeep

If you live in a dry area, you may want to take out some of your lawn. You will have to battle against the climate to keep it looking green and fresh which is a serious drain on your resources. Replacing grass with a cost-effective option such as a flowerbed or stone can be just as attractive at a fraction of the cost of having to water your yard every day.

Simply keeping up the plants and materials you already have can be a great way of saving money on landscaping materials. Trimming back shrubs, cleaning stones and lawn ornaments or keeping on top of watering plants can make all the difference in the appearance of your yard. Taking the time to mow the lawn, rake the leaves and shovel the snow will give your yard a tidy appearance without having to buy anything new. The more time you spend taking care of your yard, the more beautiful it is sure to look year-round.

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