Scrapbooking with Your Family

Scrapbooking is becoming an increasingly popular way to preserve photographs and create new family memories. If you are just getting started with this hobby you may be inspired but at the same time overwhelmed by the selection of background papers and decorative accents that are available for you to use. There are a few basic tips that will help you get started and get your family involved so you can create lasting masterpieces and happy memories preserving your photographs from fun family activities for years to come.

Getting Your Supplies

Because there are so many scrapbooking accents available it can be easy to get carried away when you are shopping. Remember, the idea is to showcase your pictures, not bury them behind all kinds of other pieces. If you are planning on scrapbooking with your family have everyone pick out a selection of pieces they are interested in, instructing them to think about which family photographs they would like to include on the page they are decorating so you do not pick up accents you will not need. Set your accents against the sheet of paper you plan to use to make sure the combination is not overwhelming.

Different pictures have different needs you will need to consider before applying any art materials to them. Very old pictures can be delicate and may need to be covered to prevent damage. Items like ink or adhesive can also destroy pictures if applied incorrectly so take the time to research what materials you should avoid before getting started. Also, talk with your family about whether or not you are comfortable cutting pictures to fit your designs so there is no worry about feelings being hurt over such details once you have started scrapbooking.

Getting Ready to Scrapbook

Once you have gathered everything you will need it is time to get started with your project. Pick an area like a dining room table where you have a hard surface to work on with plenty of space to spread out and share the materials you are using. Avoid having drinks and snacks around the scrapbooking supplies to prevent spills from destroying precious photographs or other decorative elements you will have sitting out. This will also help you avoid messy hands leaving fingerprints or smudges on your scrapbook pages or your photographs.

You will have to decide whether you want everyone to work on one spread together or if everyone will work on different projects at the same time. Either way, make sure everyone gets an equal opportunity to use the stickers, pens, glue and paper you have available so there is not an argument over who got a desired element on their page. You should also give everyone an equal opportunity to decide what pictures will be included on each page, especially if you are designing a page that reflects an important event for someone in particular like a birthday or graduation. This will help everyone feel like they are involved and represented equally in the book.

The key to making scrapbooking with your family into an event that is exciting for everyone is to just let loose and have fun. Professional scrapbookers may have an idea of how a page should be set up and how things should be done, but if you are constantly reminding your family of these rules they will not have an opportunity to express their creativity and tell their story the way they want. Encourage everyone to do what they like with their pages as long as the pictures are treated carefully and you are sure to have a wonderful keepsake.

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