Severe Cold Weather

There are some states that have extremely cold weather in the winter and this cold weather can actually cause damage to the home. However, it is not usually the cold weather directly, but what the cold weather can cause. There are a number of different weather phenomena that can occur as a result of cold weather environments.

If you find that your home is affected, you will want to file a claim on the damage. If you were to try and repair the damage on your own, you could be looking at an incredible expense and that is not an expense you want to have to pay. Anyone who tries to repair any kind of weather damage from cold damage to lightning or surge damage on their own may find that they cannot do it all at once or they may not be able to do it at all.

Perilous Weather

There are different types of perilous weather in the winter time. One is weather-related, but is not an element in itself and that is burst pipes. When pipes get too cold they will explode and this means that other damage can be caused in the home.

If there is any water running into the pipes, a flood can result. Just because the pipes are frozen doesn't mean that there isn't water flowing somewhere. Sometimes, the freezing issue only takes place in one section and that's what is blocking water from coming out faucets. The ultimate result is basement flooding.

Basement flooding can cause a lot of damage and this damage can be long-term, which is why you want to make sure you make a claim to your insurer to get the damage fixed. If you don't, mold can grow in the basement when the weather gets warmer and mold can be difficult to get rid of. You may also end up with a musty smell that travels into the house.

Another issue is heavy snow. When it snows too much, the weight of the snow on the roof can have devastating effects. The roof can give way and this can affect the items within the home and causes severe damage to the home that will take time to repair. The repairs are also quite expensive.

Another wintertime peril is nice. The occasional ice storm comes through and snaps tree branches and may even knock over the trees. Ice can be very heavy. In some areas it is so heavy on power lines that it will pull down power lines. When on your house, the weight can cause damage to the roof.

However, there is another issue that comes into play during severe cold weather and that is liability issues. What happens if someone is injured on your property during a weather event? What do you do?


It is during severe cold weather and the weather events that occur with it that causes an increase in liability claims. If someone fails to shovel their sidewalk in enough time and another individual slips and falls, this could be a liability claim. The same can occur when an ice storm strikes and a homeowner doesn't place salt on their sidewalk to avoid accidents.

Sometimes, it is not that the homeowner is being neglectful, but there are some homeowners unable to do these tasks on their own, so they have to wait on someone to help them. It is during this wait that an accident can occur. Then there are those who can't take care of the issue at all.

No matter the issue, homeowner's insurance will help the situation because you can add severe cold weather coverage. By adding this, you are protecting yourself. You are also protecting others.

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