How Smoking in Your Home Can Increase Costs

The amount of homeowners insurance coverage you are offered is largely based on the value of your home in your local housing market. This can be affected by the quality of the major appliances and materials used in your home and how much effort you put into keeping it up. Homeowners insurance companies see smoking in your home as an issue that will lower the worth of your home in the housing market due to the damage it can cause to your property.

If you are a regular smoker, it is likely that you do not notice the odor the smoke leaves behind, but others do. The smell of cigarette smoke is absorbed by the paint, wallpaper and carpeting in your home and will stay there long after you move away. New homeowners will need to replace these things if they are not smokers and do not want this smell in their home. This smoke will also yellow the paint and can damage the wood in your home which may lead to necessary home repairs later.

Many people who suffer from allergies and asthma find that their symptoms are increased when they are in an environment that is heavy with cigarette smoke. This can also affect the resale value of your home because those with allergies will not want to move into a home that will make it difficult for them to breathe. The more buyers that turn down your home, the more you will have to lower your listing price to get it sold, which means you will not be able to get your money back out of your home, especially if you made extensive home repairs while you lived there, such as heating and air condition maintenance for example.

Potential Damage

Smoke can damage walls, wood and paint but it can also cause damage to electrical items such as computers. Because you are exhaling smoke from your mouth, the smoke you let into the air is laced with moisture. If you are constantly smoking around your computer or other electric items that use a filter or fan this smoke is filtering through the machine and getting the inner circuitry wet. This will slowly destroy the appliance from the inside by clogging the vents with smoke dust and eventually causing the computer to short circuit from the moisture.

If you are not careful about putting cigarettes out properly they can easily cause a house fire. A stray ash catching in the carpet or on a piece of furniture may go unnoticed until it smolders long enough to ignite. Even if you put this flame out fairly quickly the smoke damage to the room the fire started in can be extensive. If you lose a cigarette butt in a cushion or on the floor and it goes unnoticed you can easily start a fire that spreads through the whole house, which can cause extensive damage and injury.

If you are wondering how smoking in your home can increase costs, the information you find will largely describe the potential danger of a flame going unnoticed. But the same smoke damage that would come with an accidental house fire started by a cigarette is slowly accumulating in your home if you smoke indoors regularly. The materials used to build modern homes are very absorbent and will take on much of the smoke from your cigarettes and hold it there until someone tears out the materials that have been affected. This can lead to major home renovations and repairs to get rid of the damage that can be very costly.

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