Spending More Time with Your Kids During the Week

It is easy to set time aside for the family when you are not working, but finding time to get together during a week of busy schedules and deadlines can be much harder. There are many ways to eliminate some of this frenzy so you can spend quality time together rather than rushing through your week. You may find that it is time to make sacrifices in order to get the quality time you desire but if everyone makes the effort it will hardly seem like a sacrifice at all.

Set Some Limits

If you have multiple children who are all in school and all have activities in addition to their homework then you will have to devote a lot of time to getting them to these activities. This includes weekly meetings, competitions, field trips and any number of other responsibilities that are cutting into your quality time. If you are running around the clock trying to keep up with your kids and their schedules then it is time to start saying no. Have each kid select the activities that mean the most and cut those which are only adding stress.

Similarly, you have to look at your busy schedule and trim off the excess as well. If you are trying to keep up a household, keep your job to pay for the newly financed car, head to the gym three nights a week, meet up with friends for drinks at least once a week and join a book club you will not have enough time for your kids. You should not have to give up activities that are vital to your financial or mental well-being, but cut your schedule down to a point where you can manage so you are not adding stress and losing family time for the sake of your activities.

Make Quality Time

Having the whole family sitting in the same room is not necessarily quality time. Take the time you have and use it to focus on each other. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have family dinners. Whether you want to cook, grab takeout or head to a restaurant make a point of having everyone home to eat together without distractions like the TV or cell phones. Spend this time talking about your day and what is going on with your family to help you bond.

If chores such as cooking or keeping house are getting in the way of time you could be spending enjoying each other's company then limit the amount of time you spend on these chores. This does not mean you should not clean your house or get dinner cooked, but rather that you should have set times when you get these items done so they do not eat away your free time. Cook several meals at once and store them in the freezer so they are ready to go and set one specific day for chores so you have at least one evening with nothing going on that you can spend with the kids.

Spending more time with your kids during the week is a waste if you are not enjoying the time you have. Do not just sit in front of the television without talking, but pick something you can all enjoy such as a game night, scavenger hunt or a movie everyone wants to see. It does not have to be something fancy or expensive. Just make the effort to find something everyone enjoys that involves some personal interaction so you really feel like you are spending time together rather than sitting next to each other.

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