What Can I do to Spruce Up the Landscaping Around my Swimming Pool?

A swimming pool is one of the most popular features of a home, and it is one of the reasons why new buyers choose one house over another. Whether you are looking to sell your home or just to improve its aesthetics for your own family to enjoy, sprucing up the landscaping around the pool can help to improve its overall appearance. This can be a daunting task, considering that you need to stick with a budget or if you plan on financing home improvement plans. However, just changing a few items around the area is enough to transform the entire look of your swimming pool.

Add Greenery

One of the most popular ways to transform the look of your pool area is to add some greenery. Plants and trees are an effective way to make your swimming area appear more natural, and they can even add shade and privacy depending on the types that you choose. Some common types include royal palms and evergreens because they provide beauty without excessive amounts of maintenance. No matter which types of greenery you choose, you should opt for versions that require as little maintenance as possible, especially if you have a pool cage.

There are also other details to keep in mind when you are on the hunt for greenery for your swimming pool. First, you should avoid plants and trees that have the potential to pollinate often, or to shed leaves and flowers all over the water. Pollen and fruits are also more likely to invite pests to your pool area than they are swimmers. If you have pets that occasionally visit the swimming area, then you might also consider greens that they will not be attracted to, so that the plants will not be destroyed.

Designs and Accents

Another method of changing the look of your pool area is to add some accentuating designs to your landscape. Delicate white fences are a popular choice because they also serve a dual purpose of adding privacy. This is also a sound method if you have children and pets, as they are less likely to accidentally fall into the water. Whether you choose a partial fence or one that completely surrounds the area ultimately depends on what your needs are.

Waterfalls are the ultimate landscaping alteration if you are aiming to transform your pool into a tropical-like paradise. You can build a separate smaller pool in which the waterfall cascades from that area into the main swimming quarters, or you can simply add a larger fall on one side of the pool. If you do not have the means to add a waterfall just yet, consider adding various types of large rocks around the area to give the pool a hint of a more natural look.

Not only is it important to add some appealing landscaping details in the immediate vicinity of your pool, but you should also consider rest of the area in your lanai or patio that can possibly affect the appeal of your pool. The type of ground that surrounds the swimming area can easily transform its look. Plain white concrete is popular, but it is also boring and it can be dangerous. Instead, you might consider water-resistant tiling or brick as an alternative to using plain concrete. Keep in mind that certain surfaces require more cleaning, so it is important to choose a material in which you are confident that you can maintain on a regular basis for years to come; and unkempt floor can adversely affect all of the other landscaping changes you make.

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