How Can I Stop my Dog From Digging Holes?

It is in a dog's nature to dig. However, there is an appropriate time to do it and an inappropriate time to do it. Digging in the sand at the beach is generally okay while digging in the garden at home is not. Your home or apartment dog can be taught at a young age when to dig and when not to dig. You just need to help him get there.

One of the reasons that dogs dig holes is because they are not stimulated enough. What this means is that they are bored and taking out this boredom by digging a hole. You need to give them enough stimulation to stop digging holes. Buying toys or making toys for them to play with is a good way to redirect this boredom unto something a little less destructive. Dogs really enjoy chew toys as well as squeaky toys.

A good home toy for a pet is an empty roll of toilet paper with a treat in the middle. Roll up the sides of the toilet paper and give the treat to your dog. He will have to try to open the sides to get to the treat which is a fun and stimulating game with a reward at the end.

Why Do Dogs Dig?

Another one of the reasons that your dog could be digging holes in your yard is because she actually doesn't know this is a bad thing to do. You need to discipline her and let her know, gently but firmly, that this is not allowed. If you see your dog digging a hole, yell at her to stop as soon as possible. Constant monitoring of your puppy will help teach her the things that are allowed and not allowed.

Most dogs do not like to upset their masters. If she knows that you get upset with digging, she will stop. However, not all dogs will follow this protocol and some dogs will even dig out of spite or anger. Make sure your dog is getting enough physical stimulation to stop this resentment and destruction. Taking her to the dog park, to the beach, for a walk or even for a drive can help her feel like part of the family and less like digging.

Of course, you cannot always monitor your dog. If you notice that she is constantly digging in the same spot day in and day out then you might need to come up with a new method. One option you have is to place some wood boards over the area that she is digging. This will stop her from digging there and hopefully some grass will grow in its place. Or, you can look at building a fence or barrier around the area.

Another option you have is to look into an invisible fence. This is an electronic fencing option that is not really a fence at all but rather a monitoring device that sends an electric shock to your dog's neck via a collar anytime she goes near the invisible barrier. You can put the fence around the digging area or your garden to prevent her from digging them when you are not home to watch her.

There are a number of ways to stop your dog from digging. However, gentle love and lots of attention seem to do the trick with most dogs. If this is not working then look into setting up a barrier and giving her lots of treats to prevent her from getting bored, restless and destructive when you are not around to entertain her.

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