Taking Cooking Classes with Your Kids

The worry most parents have when signing their kids up for cooking classes is safety. Hot stoves, knives and other kitchen countertop appliances can be dangerous when they are not handled correctly and you want to protect your child from getting hurt. Taking classes together can cut down on this risk because you will be there to help them through more challenging tasks that can be a safety issue so you can focus on having fun and learning valuable skills and let your fears go.

Cooking classes can have age limits depending on how advanced the course is but if you are signing up for a family class then these restrictions may not apply. In order to find the perfect class for your kids you will need to consider how much cooking experience they have. If your kids are in the kitchen with you frequently and are capable of performing basic tasks without direction then you may be able to start at a more advanced course. If you do not have a lot of cooking experience and you were hoping to learn together than a class that starts with the basics may be more appropriate.

Finding the Right Instructor

Some cooking instructors are willing to come to your home to teach you and your kids to cook. In this case you will be expected to provide some of the ingredients and tools necessary for the lesson. If you are inviting an instructor into your home for lessons make sure you get a list of all the food and appliances you will need to make sure you are adequately prepared. Also be clear on how purchasing the supplies yourself will affect the price of your lesson.

Your local community center or culinary school may offer cooking classes that are kid-friendly. In these circumstances the tools and ingredients for each lesson will probably be provided to make sure everyone in the class has an identical kitchen setup for easy instruction. When you join the class, get a clear idea of what the lesson fees pay for. You should also decide whether or not you want to go with a program that allows you to pick and choose lessons you will attend or a more structured situation where you must pay for a specified amount of instruction.

If your kids are older and are used to cooking with you on a regular basis then a more unique class might be in order. See if a local instructor offers classes in baking or preparing a specific kind of food that you do not usually prepare at home. This will make the lessons more of an adventure because your kids will be able to apply skills they already have in a new and unique way. This will also be a great way for you to add new items to your weekly dinner rotation so meals do not become boring.

If you are considering taking cooking classes with your kids be honest about how interested they are in the idea. If your kids tend to get bored easily or do not show interest or aptitude for kitchen tasks then you may want to start out with one lesson and determine how many more you will take based on how well the experience goes. Talk to your kids about what kind of cooking lessons they would like to perk up their interest in the idea. Having an enthusiastic group will make the lessons much more fun and make it more likely that you can enjoy cooking together at home as well.

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