Teaching Your Kids How to Play Sports

Many parents played sports when they were young and want to pass this tradition down to their children. Teaching your children how to play sports can also be a great way for everyone to get exercise and feel good about their athletic ability. Whether you are hoping your kids will go on to play for a school or city team or you just want to spend some time in the backyard enjoying the scenery of beautiful seasonal plants having a friendly, casual game from time to time taking the time to teach your kids the proper skills to play can be a valuable experience for both of you.

Keep Things Fun

When you decide you would like to teach your kids a sport, keep their interests and body type in mind. Some kids are suited to games that require a lot of running and constant movement, some will be good at contact sports and some might prefer games that need a great deal of accuracy to succeed. If you try to get them to play a game they do not think is fun or they do not have the physical ability to perform as well as other players they will become frustrated.

Remember, you are probably a great deal larger than your child, especially young children. If you are playing a contact sport like football you will need to keep the game light and non-competitive in order to keep things fun. Avoid things like tackling that could cause injury and teach your kids ways to go about these parts of the game in a way that is safe and within the rules so they can be a good team player later.

If you are just starting to give your kids lessons on how to play a certain sport, remember that it might not hold their interest. Kids tend to change their mind about what they are interested in, especially if their friends wind up on a different team. If you plan on purchasing equipment to teach them a sport, hold off on the more expensive items and stick to basics like the ball, shoes and other small accessories until you are sure your child plans on being involved with this sport at a more serious level. It is often difficult to get your money back on used sporting equipment so only purchase items you are willing to keep for some time.

When you have been giving lessons for some time, you might need to start focusing on toning your child's body to meet the requirements for the sport. Be careful not to let things like muscle building or changes in their diet get to the point where it is affecting their natural growth. If you are unsure as to what would be appropriate, consult their pediatrician or a personal trainer for advice. Also, make sure you always keep your child and yourself appropriately hydrated when you are playing to avoid overheating.

Teaching your kids how to play sports can be a great way for the two of you to bond, but only if you avoid making the lessons competitive. You will need to find a balance between correcting their mistakes and becoming overbearing or pushy. Focus on building strong techniques and form that can prevent injury and show your kids how to perform these moves properly without raising your voice. Be willing to give thorough lessons that give your kids the athletic skills they need to know but be willing to take a break when it becomes clear that they are getting worn out.

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