Teaching Your Kids How to Cook

Cooking is a life skill that can be valuable for saving money for any member of your family. If your children have an interested in learning to cook, it can be a great bonding experience for the two of you. You can start gradually and increase the complexity of their lessons as they grow and master their skills. Soon you will have another pair of hands in the kitchen that can make putting together family meals much easier and fun.

Easy Lessons for Varying Ages

No matter what age your child is when they wish to start learning cooking skills you will need to be mindful about safety. Knives and other sharp objects along with hot surfaces such as stoves and oven fronts can cause serious injury if not handled properly. You will need to stress the importance of taking your time and the proper way to handle such items so that everyone in the kitchen is safe. Of course, you do not want to do this in such a way that it frightens your children or turns them off to the idea of cooking in your kitchen. Before you get started on any cooking projects, calmly show your kids any equipment that might be dangerous, explain how to use it properly and what they should avoid doing in order to remain safe.

The younger your kids are, the less they will be able to participate in cooking activities. In order to prevent them feeling left out, plan special jobs they can manage such as stirring or collecting ingredients from the refrigerator that they can easily perform. This is especially helpful if you are working with kids that are multiple ages. Everyone can have their own special task so there is no arguing about who gets to do what. Be sure to stress that each task you have delegated is helpful so no young ones feel like they are being treated like a baby.

Once kids have started to grow and can manage more equipment you can start giving them more freedom in the kitchen. You may wish to supervise any projects that are being attempted for the first time and stay close in case they have any questions. Instead of giving abstract instructions, your children may benefit from watching you perform a task once before they take it on themselves. Once they have mastered the concept you were trying to teach do not hover while they work because this might make them nervous or feel self-conscious.

You do not need to let your kids have all the fun in the kitchen and leave all the real work for yourself. Part of cooking is learning how to manage a food budget, do the dishes and put away ingredients properly so they do not spoil. These lessons will be just as important for your children as learning to sauté, chopping vegetables or roasting meat. Help your kids get these tasks done so they do not feel like a chore, but still get done the way you want them.

Teaching your kids how to cook can be trying at first, but once they start mastering the skills you teach, you can start having them prepare meals or help out when you are rushed or busy. There may be times when it takes a few repetitions for your children to master a skill, but this is the best way for them to get comfortable with the kitchen and how the tools work. Just be patient and your kids will be cooking like experts in no time.

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