The Best Plants for Colder Climates

Just because you live in a colder climate doesn't mean that your garden has to be barren all year round. There are a number of plants that actually thrive in colder climates and several plants that you should actually plant during the fall season for a perfect spring bloom. Below are some of the many plants that are suitable for colder climates. Keep in mind that if you are ever in doubt, check the back of the seedlings package for the best times to plant. Furthermore, you can also always ask your local gardening experts about what they would recommend.

Keeping Plants Alive in Cold

If you are living in a really cold area and are concerned with frost bite for your little plants then, like installing a pool, you may wish to start the process indoors. You can plant the seedlings in a planter and let them grow inside until they are a little stronger. Then gradually let them spend some time outside during the warmth of the day. This will help them get used to the cold climate and prepare them for the move outside.

One of the best ways to know if a plant can handle the climate is to stick to indigenous plants in your area. Again, asking at your local garden shop can help you get a better idea of what will work and what will not work. You may be surprised to find out what local plants and shrubs can actually grow and flourish in your own backyard.

Whatever type of plant life you choose you can keep your little babies warm and cozy by choosing the right soil and mulch. Opt for a darker mulch which will absorb more heat and bring in as much as the sunlight as possible. Even if it is cold outside, the warmth from the sun can make a whole world of difference to your plants.

Popular Cold Climate Plants

You can choose from a number of trees, flowers, shrubs and even veggies that thrive in a colder climate. Common bedding plants that are great for the colder seasons include hollyhock, English daisy, columbine, primrose, lamb flowers, wallflowers and iris and lavender. All of these beautiful plants will not only liven up your backyard but many of them also emit a beautiful smell that you will love coming home to.

If you are looking for shrubs and climbers to add to your landscaped area then look no further than the beautiful and vibrant heather, lilac, winter hazel and heaths, all of which will do great in the colder weather. Climbers and shrubs will grow thick and bulky and are designed for this type of weather. Other popular cold climate climbers and shrubs include golden bells, juniper, rhododendrons, mountain laurel and Chinese witch hazel to name a few.

There are even some veggies that will grow during the colder season which means you can have fresh veggies from your own backyard anytime of the year. While some summer veggies, such as tomato and squash, will have to be bought at the store, you can grow broccoli, kale, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower during the colder months. Stables such as garlic, leeks, lettuce and carrots may also flourish during a colder climate as long as they are getting some sun.

Trees also make excellent plant life for colder climates. Some of the best plants for colder climates that are in the tree category include fir, maple, birch, cedar, dogwood, cypress, beech, and ash and elm trees. However, you can also grow fruit trees such as cherry, plum and peach trees in colder climates.

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