Buying the Right Fertilizer for Your Plants

There are many types of fertilizer on the market that promise a wide range of results, but how are you supposed to know which will work best with the plants in your garden? You want to select a fertilizer that will benefit all the plants you are working with without the concern that they could damage a specific species in your yard while helping others to grow. You will also have to decide what chemicals and nutrients you need and which you are not comfortable having near your home.

Looking at the Benefits

Some fertilizers include chemicals such as nitrogen blends that will improve the quality of your soil to help plants grow better. Others add products that can kill weeds and pesticides in addition to assisting plant growth. Some of these products are perfectly natural while others are not. If you are attempting to grow a green garden, have a garden with vegetables you plan to consume or have pets and small children who frequently play outdoors you should hire professionals to help see how these additions will affect those who come in contact with the chemicals so you know what safety precautions you will need to take.

Not all fertilizers work in the same way. Some are intended to be applied during specific parts of the growing season, some require a certain amount of water in order to activate and still others need to be applied multiple times in order to get the full benefit of the product. For any fertilizer you choose, be sure to read the instructions fully so you know how to handle the product to get the best results. Make a special note of how much fertilizer you are supposed to use and when to avoid mishaps later.

Most fertilizer bags will have a guide on the back that will explain what type of plants it is intended for. Depending on what kind of plants you have you will either need a fast release nitrogen formula or a slow release blend that it water-insoluble. You can get either type in an organic version if you so desire. You should also keep in mind whether or not you are looking for assistance with getting color for your plants or you are hoping to gain more growth as this will also affect the type of fertilizer that you will need.

If you are intending to use the fertilizer you are purchasing to improve the quality of your lawn then you will need to make sure you adjust the nitrogen balance properly to avoid burning the grass. A controlled-release formula is often recommended for lawn care to avoid getting dried out, brown patches all over your lawn from overexposure. Select a brand that is specifically intended for turf use rather than a gardening variety to make sure the balance of nitrogen is at the proper level to offer nutrients to your lawn but not so high that it will start to cause damage.

Buying the right fertilizer for your plants is the first step, but applying it properly is just as important. Carefully read whether or not your fertilizer is intended to be applied in solid or liquid form. Also make note of any restrictions involving the season, temperature or level of sunlight the fertilizer can be applied during to avoid causing damage to your plants. Like any gardening product, you will probably need to apply a healthy dose of water to your plants after applying the fertilizer so make sure you read these instructions carefully to make sure you give your plants everything they need to grow well.

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