Tightening a Loose Door Handle

Owning a home is a big job, and one that commonly requires a bit of attention and money. Most people that own homes are doing their best to make their residence a comfortable and enjoyable place to live, and that often requires some maintenance. Home improvements typically fall into two groups; improvements to existing features, and adding additional features. Some jobs are small and easy to complete, while other will require a bit of time and money. Luckily, tightening a loose door handle is a very simple and inexpensive task. The following are some tips that can help you make quick work of this small annoyance.

Causes and Tools

Door handles and knobs are hardware that see a lot of use. On any given day you will likely use your door handle several times, and over the years, those handles tend to become a bit loose. However, this kind of problem is very normal, and you will not need to purchase new handles or knobs. With just a few seconds of extra time, you should be able to tighten up that loose handle and make it work like new

While some jobs are going to require a lot of expertise and several different kinds of tools, tightening a door handle will typically only require a screwdriver and maybe a small awl like you might use to fix a leak. Most homeowners will be able to locate these kinds of tools around the house and will not need to purchase anything new. Once you have your tools ready, you can start fixing your door.

Types and Their Solutions

There are two basic types of door handles that you will be dealing with, and both have relatively simple fixes. The first group is composed of more modern fixtures which have chassis screws that are not hidden. AS you examine your handle or know, you will see these screws, and they are typically located on the "inside" side of the door. As you firmly grip the other side of the handle or knob, you can tighten these screws and your handle should become much more firm and tight. Make sure to give the handle a couple turns to make sure that the job was done properly.

The other group of handles is a type that typically has the chassis screws hidden, and this kind of handle will require a bit more work. In order to tighten these handles, you will need to remove some components of the handle or knob. First, you will want to look for a release clip, spring or button that will be located on the side of the handle. While pushing in on this button, you can pull off the handle. Then, you will also need to remove the cover plate that conceals the screws. This cover plate will generally have a small notch where a screwdriver or awl can be inserted. After inserting your tool, simply twist it and the cover should pop off. Once you have the cover off, the screws will be exposed and you can tighten them with your Philips screwdriver.

In order to put your handle back together, you should be able to snap the cover plate right back on. Then you can reattach the handle by pressing the release button again, and sliding the handle back on. When working with either kind of handle, make sure to be gentle and careful, as a slip can easily scratch or chip paint, and can be a fairly unsightly mark on your door. That's all there is to it, tightening a loose door handle may be much easier than you thought.

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