Tips for Finding a Good Yard Service

Mowing and landscaping companies are everywhere these days. You can find companies that have several employees and that exist nationally or you can find companies that include just one local person, a truck and some landscaping supplies. Choosing the right yard service for your needs will come down to a number of things including what you need done, what budget you are working with and what type of company you feel most comfortable working with.

Most landscaping and yard companies will work while you are not home. What this means is that you need to trust them with your property and items such as caring for your special hot climate plants. You don't want to spend your time watching them work to make sure they are doing a good job - if this is the case then you might as well do the work yourself. Rather, most homeowners will have their lawn taken care of while they are at work. What this means is that you need to trust your company with your personal possessions.

You may not need to give your landscaper a key to your home but you may need to give them a key to your shed or your fence if the system is gated. Your yard service company will generally bring their own tools, such as clippers, mowers, etc. and work until the job is done. You will usually pay on an hourly rate or by the month. For example, you may pay your lawn service company $80 to mow the lawn twice a month.

Comparing Lawn Service Companies

When you are choosing your lawn service company the first thing you need to think about is what services you actually need them to do. If you have a fairly easy backyard and require basic services such as trimming, hedging, edging and mowing, then anyone with the right tools can easily do this. However, if you require pool maintenance, water feature maintenance, garden care and other specific needs, then you may wish to work with a company that offers all of these professional services.

Reputation is important when it comes to your lawn service company so ask around and see what other people have to say. Ask your neighbors if they use a lawn service company or, when you are out walking and see a beautifully manicured property, be bold and ask the owners if they use a lawn service company. If so, then they will be happy to give a recommendation and a name.

Cost is obviously also going to matter when choosing your lawn service company. After all, you don't want to pay more than you need to on your yard. If you are going for just a basic service then finding a cheap quote is most likely high on your list. Why pay $40 for a basic mow when another company offers the exact same service and quality for $35?

If you do have a fairly comprehensive job at hand then professionalism and high quality of service is going to out rank price. However, put all three things in place - price, reputation and quality of services offered - when you are choosing your yard service company. Shop around, compare quotes and speak to different representatives to find a company that you click with. Out of all the tips for finding a good yard service, this is the most important one - make sure you feel confident in the company that you choose and if you are not happy with something they have done, don't hesitate to let them know and move on. With so many different companies to choose from, you deserve only the best for your yard.

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