Tips for Landscaping Around Your Pool

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a beautiful feature that will add thousands of dollars to the resale value of your property. Furthermore, it provides a lovely way to enjoy the hot summer days and offers the perfect piece de resistance for your landscaping area. There are a number of ways to make the most out of a swimming pool and to show off this lovely feature with strategic plant placing and other swimming pool landscaping tips.

A perfect addition to your swimming pool is a porch, patio or sun deck of some sort. You may wish to use concrete or timber or another substance for your decking around the pool. Top off this area with a few sun lounges with colorful cushions to make your swimming pool comfortable as well as fun.

There are several other good furniture options to add to your swimming pool. Invest in some sort of towel rack or hangers to screw onto the side of your house or pool shed so you can easily have a clean towel after a swim. Additional furnishings to brighten the landscape around your swimming pool include an outdoor eating set and a stereo system.

Pool Plants and Stones

Furnishings aside, you should also look into adding pots and containers to your swimming pool area. Choose bright colored plants and stick to annuals and luscious plants to place in the pots. You may wish to stick to green ferns and other plant life to add some lovely green color to this area or you may want to go a little more colorful with different colored flowers such as mums. Look for pots and planters that complement the colors you have selected for your chair cushions as well as other features around the property.

When you are looking into plants to add to your swimming pool area you need to think about what happens during the fall or when a gust of wind hits the plant. Choose plants that do not drip leaves so that they do not end up in your swimming pool. There is nothing more unattractive than a pool littered with leaves and other droppings.

If you are not able to add a decking to this area another option is to look into placing ornamental grass around the area which provides a lovely soft place to relax and dry off in the warm sun after a dip. You may also look into placing large stones around the area to really show off your water feature. Other excellent options are to use smaller stones to create a walkway from your pool to the main house or to the fence.

Furthermore, the lighting system that you choose for your backyard swimming pool will also heavily impact the ambiance, especially at night. During the day you will be able to rely on the sun for a natural light but at night you may wish to enjoy a few cocktails and a late night swim. Make the most out of your swimming pool area by investing in tiki torches, spot lights or other lighting systems to ensure your pool is lit up and looking lovely even when the sun has set.

In addition to comparing tips for landscaping around your pool, you also need to keep your pool clean. After all, no plants or furniture is going to hide a green slimy swimming pool. Make sure you are cleaning your pool regularly with a vacuum and skimming system and that you are adding the right mixture of chemicals to keep the water sparkling and clear day after day.

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