Tips for Watering Your Lawn

Many homes come with a large front lawn and it can really drag on the appearance of your home if your grass begins to brown. How much and how often you need to water your lawn will depend on the area you live in and the weather you expect to receive this year. Knowing where you can cut back on watering can help save on landscaping costs without having to sacrifice the look of your home.

When to Save Water

Many homes come outfitted with automatic sprinklers, which can be a great time saving tool. But if you have the sprinkler set to spray more than necessary or have an outdated model that will turn on even when it is raining then you are not doing yourself any favors. Grass only needs to be watered every day when the temperature is extremely high, so cut back on your sprinkler cycle as summer comes to an end to save money.

During extremely warm months your city might sanction a water conservation act. They may specify how often and on what days you will be allowed to water your lawn. If these types of rules are common where you live, be sure to keep an eye out for notices such as these so you are not stuck with a fine for using more than your share of water.

Never water your lawn when the sun is shining. Water early in the day before the sun has fully risen or wait until the sun has started to set. If you water when the sun is shining down on your plants, the beads of moisture sticking to the leaves will magnify the sun rays and actually burn your grass rather than nourishing it.

If your grass looks green and healthy, it may not need water, even if it has been a few days since you have given it any. Find an area where you can feel the soil without cutting a large hole in the grass. If the soil feels moist, then your lawn is getting all the nutrients it needs and you do not need to worry. Once the soil starts to feel dry or you have noticed the grass starting to droop, then it is time to water your grass.

When placing sprinklers around your yard, be careful about the placement. You want to make sure every area of your lawn is covered without hitting some areas with several streams of water or accidently watering areas such as the sidewalk or side of a tree. Depending on the shape of your yard and what hoses you have available, it may be easier to use one sprinkler and move it around every ten minutes or so until the whole yard has been watered.

There are some months of the year when it is simply not natural to have a sparkling, green lawn. You never want to let your grass get so brown that you start killing off patches of your lawn, but you want to find the happy medium between drying the turf to death and wasting water trying to keep it green. If your local high school has a natural turf football field, it is likely they have a turf management staff. Ask them or someone at your local garden center about how often it is appropriate to water grass in your climate.

Tips for watering your lawn will vary from year to year. How much rain and how cool it is will greatly impact your yard care. Vary your watering schedule to match your climate to get the best results.

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