Building a Professional Tool Kit for Home Repairs

You never know what home repairs you are going to run into, especially if you are moving into a new house. You do not want to wind up adding to the expense of the repair because you have to purchase a lot of new tools to get the job done. You also do not want to be stuck without tools in the event of an emergency such as a blown pipe or a backyard retaining wall that has fallen that must be handled very quickly to prevent a serious amount of damage.

Start With the Basics

There are a few tools that every homeowner should have for everyday repairs and issues. These would include items such as a hammer or flashlight, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a razor blade and a toilet plunger. Think about items that can be used to solve a variety of different problems or that you are constantly in need of. Oftentimes a great deal of repair work can be done with very basic materials if you know what you are doing and have quality materials on hand.

Other tools you should consider for a basic tool kit might include a basic handsaw, a wrench, pliers, a tape measure, a drill with a variety of bits, a bucket or wire cutters. These types of tools are not used as often but if you are doing any major type of repair work you will need them at some point. Also, do not limit your tool kit to traditional tools. Make sure you have items like caulk, drain fluid, duct and electrical tape, a needle and thread, paint brushes, drop cloths or other materials that can be used to remedy a problem. Walk around your home and think about what you would need if various items were to break and make sure you have these things on hand.

More Advanced Items

Once you have an everyday tool kit prepared you can start purchasing more heavy duty tools. These items will cater more to specific jobs you intend to do, so get a list of materials you need for each job before you start shopping. General items that are commonly required are a caulking gun, five-in-one paint scraper, stud finder, pipe wrenches, crowbar, industrial vacuum, level, circular saw or jigsaw and a nail puller. Also make sure you have adequate eye and lung protection for any tool that would require it.

Do not limit the tools you are purchasing to items intended for use in the house. A quality set of yard tools will also be necessary to the upkeep of your home. If you have a yard you will need items like a lawn mower, shovels, rakes, edger, a quality pair of gardening gloves, ladder, snow blower (if applicable) and garden hose. More often than not you will find you need some of these items to complete work inside your home as well so make sure you keep them in a convenient location where you do not have to worry about them falling or becoming damaged.

The key to building a professional tool kit for home repairs is not necessarily making sure you have every tool you will ever need but making sure the tools you have are high quality. You do not want to be right in the middle of a project only to have the handle of your screwdriver break off. You will also need to have a trustworthy source that you can look to for information on how to properly address home repairs you have never conquered before to prevent error on the job.

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