What Kind of Tools do I Need for a Home Improvement Project?

The type of tools you need for a home improvement project will depend on the project. The good thing is that expensive and heavy duty tools can often be hired by contractors so you don't have to buy an expensive piece of machinery and only use it once. There are a few items that all homeowners should have though, just in case. These tools can be used for a number of DIY jobs and minor home improvement projects around the house.

Saws and Screwdrivers

Make sure you also add a hand saw to your tool box which makes it easy to cut certain items around the house. Of course, you can also get a little more advanced with a jig saw or electric saw. For bigger jobs outside the house, such as cutting down overhanging trees in your property, you may need a chain saw.

Another good thing to have for the house is a circular saw which can make scaling much easier. You can use a circular saw to cut items and for projects on decks, fences and other outdoor areas. A sander is also a good option to have and can make a smooth finish. You can purchase sanding paper or orbital sanders that work on electricity and make the process much easier.

Make sure you have a proper screwdriver. There are several types and costs of screwdrivers. Check that the one you choose comes with changing heads as you never know when you might need the different heads for different things around the house. Changing toy batteries, putting together book cases, taking apart baseboards - all of these things are going to use a screwdriver. This is a great Christmas gift or birthday present for the handyman or handy woman around the house and an essential item in the DIY tool box.

Hammers and Pliers

Another good tool to have around the house is a hammer. A hammer can be useful for hanging picture frames, for fixing lose nails on the roof and on your siding, for crushing up concrete and other minor home renovation tasks. Again, hammers come in several different sizes and price ranges depending on what you want. Take your time and look into the different options.

Pliers are also great for around the house and can help with any situation where something is stuck and needs a little extra pressure to loosen up. Needle nose pliers are quite affordable and will do the trick for smaller jobs around the house. Needle nose pliers are often best for instances where you need to get into a tight space, such as electrical jobs around the house.

You can also buy toolboxes that come with some of the essential tools already in them. This is going to be more expensive but is also an easier way to have the items on hand. A tool box with tools already in it can cost anywhere from several hundreds to several thousands of dollars depending on what items are in it. Some of the common tools for DIY projects around the house include spanners, pry bars, vise grips, chisels, knives of all sorts and levels to name a few.

These are only some of the tools you may need for a home improvement project but, essentially, it all depends on the project. To paint your house, for example, none of the above tools will be too helpful. The good news is that you can buy all of these tools and more at an affordable rate from most hardware stores in your area.

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