Treating for Fire Ants

Fire ants are nasty little things that can make your life a living nightmare. Their bites can cause painful stings and they can wreak havoc on your plants or cause you to replace the mailbox. So how can you get rid of these pesky little red ants without damaging your yard and risking a biting outbreak?

Locating the Fire Ants

The first thing you need to do is find out where the ants are coming from. These sneaky little things never work alone and you will most likely have a colony on your hands if you do locate a few. Locate the ants and follow the path. This will lead you to their colony or their main congregation area. This is often in your garden, in a fence or anywhere else in your back yard which may be convenient for them but is certainly not working for you.

You will need to get rid of their colony which can be done in a number of different ways. You may choose to go with a natural method and use baking soda or another type of natural product or you may wish to go with the chemical route and purchase some ant killer from your local gardening shop. The choice is yours.

Keep in mind that there are now green and safe products for killing fire ants which can be purchased at most gardening shops as well. You can feel better about using a chemical product knowing that you are not harming the environment or spraying a dangerous chemical in an area where your children and pets access. However, let your family know that you are spraying for fire ants and try to keep them away from this area for a while. That way no one will risk getting bitten which can be especially painful for young children or for those that may be allergic to the sting.

Fire Ant Treatments and Prevention

Once you have gotten rid of the problem then you need to keep these pesky little things from coming back which can be just as difficult as fire ants are persistent. The best way to do this is to keep a watchful eye out for any sign that they may be returning. You may find that they build a new colony somewhere else in your yard, away from their bombed area. Continue to spray and eventually they will get the hint.

Another option you have for controlling fire ant outbreaks is to call in the professionals. This is a good option if there are several colonies all around your yard or if you have tried several ant killing remedies and nothing seems to be working. Pest control companies specialize in getting rid of fire ants as well as other pests around the house. They can help you determine the best plan of action to kill these critters but without ruining your lawn.

Treating for fire ants is an important part of yard maintenance and a common problem. However, this does not mean you should simply accept it and let the ants live in harmony. They can be quite dangerous to your family and to you.

It can be hard to go about your regular gardening and pruning when you continue to get bitten by these little pests. Furthermore, backyard games like soccer, hide and seek and tag can be made miserable for your kids if they keep getting attacked from angry ants. Take the necessary steps needed when killing and treating for fire ants before they get too comfortable in your yard.

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