Family Trip Ideas for Long Weekends

When you have a long weekend at work or your kids have time off from school and family karate programs, this can be a great time to take a family vacation. But if you are limited to a few days for your family fun you will want to choose an activity that does not require a lot of travel time so you can maximize the fun you can have together. The kind of vacation you take will depend on what facilities are available near your home and how much you are willing to spend to get there.

Travel Ideas

As a general rule, you want to select a location for your vacation that does not take more than a few hours of driving to get to. You will also want to select an area that provides some kind of lodging and fun activities everyone can take part in before you arrive. Look into what beaches or national parks are near your home that you can visit. These often have hotels or cabins for rent nearby that you can use while exploring nature and having fun with your family.

Along the same lines, many state or national parks welcome tourists to go camping over the weekend. You can find a park that allows you to set up camp right in the middle of the park or find an area that offers cabins or RV space depending on what level of comfort your family desires. This will also give you an opportunity to do things like cook meals together, hike, go swimming or participate in a wilderness class offered by a local park ranger, making your trip both fun and educational.

Many communities have attractions like museums or historical villages that can be interesting and fun to visit. Turn these activities into a vacation by renting a hotel room downtown so you feel like you are a tourist in your own hometown. You can walk to local attractions, eat at new restaurants and check out all those things you always say you are going to check out but never get around to visiting. Turn your vacation into a spa experience by selecting a hotel that has upscale amenities such as massages, a gym or a pool so you can have fun even after all the attractions around town have closed for the evening.

Amusement parks often have weekend packages available that include a stay in their designated hotels and passes into the park for a certain number of days. Many even include discounts at the food court to encourage guests to stay for the whole weekend instead of stopping in for one day. Check to see if the closest amusement park to you offers package deals for long weekends. These often come at a discount if you are willing to buy your passes in advance or online so start checking early if you would like to keep costs down.

There are plenty of family trip ideas for long weekends, but what it really comes down to is what you would like to spend and what is available near your home. Different climates will allow for different kinds of family fun like skiing in the winter or lounging by the beach in summer. Look at local travel guides or the tourist information for your state to get an idea of what outsiders come to your area to experience. This will generate many new ideas for your family to choose from the next time you are planning a weekend getaway for your family.

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