Weekend Activities for the Whole Family

Finding weekend activities for the whole family is a goal for many parents, especially those witch hectic schedules during the week. Looking for something that you can do on a regular basis that gets everybody involved without stressing your budget can be difficult if you do not have any ideas to work with. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to get inspiration so you never have to worry about lacking ideas.

Keeping Interests in Mind

If you have a family with a variety of age groups then it may seem difficult to find activities for the entire family that gets everyone involved equally. Finding a project that everyone can have a different role can get everyone involved at whatever level is appropriate for them. Sports or games in the yard can also be made more or less difficult depending on who is playing.

A trip to an amusement park or the beach is a great idea for family fun, but you obviously will not be able to do this every weekend. Something simple like a family board game or video game night can get everybody having fun together without having to spend a lot of time and effort to get things going. Even getting together in the kitchen to make a special meal together can make great memories without having to worry about fitting anything into your budget.

Finding things that are unique to your area can be a great way to get the family out having fun together. Check out your local paper or online to see what activities your city is putting on each weekend. Many cities have activities at the community center or local park such as concerts or game nights that are free or very inexpensive that everyone can take part in.

If your family is not as interested in athletic or outdoor activities, check out what local resources are available that can be more educational. Many cities have local museums, science centers or other resources that can get kids interested in the world around them. If you live by a college, see if they are putting on any community activities that sound interesting. You can even make weekly trips to the local library and start a family reading hour or book club.

If you are short on ideas for what to do with your family, it never hurts to ask. See what your kids like to do or what they are interested in. You might be surprised at the amount of activities they come up with. Keep a list of the ideas you generate so you can refer to it the next time a family fun day rolls around. If you have teenagers who would rather spend time with friends, consider allowing them to invite a friend along if it means they will be more willing to participate in the activity.

Finding What Fits

The most important part of coming up with weekend activities for the whole family is to keep your family members and their personalities at the front of the discussion. You know better than anyone what your family will like and dislike when it comes to spending their weekend out of the house. Sometimes you might have to take turns doing things others would like to do, but try to avoid activities that will feel like torture for one member in particular. Sometimes the best way to spend time together is to plan something easy and laid back that does not require a lot of planning or deciding, just getting together in the same room and talking.

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