What Should I do if my Claim is Denied?

The purpose of a having a homeowner's policy is to protect your house in the event that an unforeseen disaster destroys a portion or all of your property. If you incur any type of damage to your household, either from natural disaster or an unruly house pet, it is important that you make a claim immediately in order to obtain the compensation you need to make the necessary repairs. In some cases, the house insurance company might deny a claim due to a miscommunication or an error on the part of the homeowner. If your claim for any types of repairs or rebuilding is denied, it is vital that you speak directly with the company or the agent in order to fix the situation. More often than not, the situation can be rectified and you will then be on your way to make the necessary changes that you need to your property so that you and your family can reside in your house once again.

Top Reasons for Denied Claims

Going through a major disaster is so stressful, and one of the last things that you want to think about is filing paperwork in order to make a claim with your house insurance company. Unfortunately, many common mistakes are made on the part of homeowners, resulting in many denied claims every year. As difficult as it may be to focus on the initial filing, it is crucial that you follow through with the entire process as quickly and as thoroughly as possible so that your claim can be approved.

Generally, house insurance will allow for a certain time frame for you to make a claim on your policy. These rules are set in place in order to prevent insurance fraud. Plus, the quicker that you make your claim, then the faster you will be on your way to fixing your home. The time frame varies between companies, so you will want to check with your particular provider for the specific guidelines. One of the main reasons why homeowners have their claims denied is because they miss this window of opportunity to file the necessary paperwork. Other reasons for denied claims include neglect on the part of the homeowner, as well as intentionally falsifying information.

Communication and Negotiation

Even if you miss a deadline to file your paperwork, you should negotiate with the insurance company if you have a valid excuse. For example, if a hurricane not only destroys your home but all methods of communication as well, then this can prevent you from filing a claim in a timely fashion. You might consider appealing to your provider and see if they can give you a few extra days to get your paperwork in.

The best thing to do if your claim is denied is to be persistent and to keep in constant communication with your insurance company. A denied claim is usually likely to be overturned, so long as you have the proper tools and proof that it is valid. Not only do you want to call your insurance company, but you should also consider mailing in letters with photocopies of all relevant information that you have.

In some cases, an insurance company can make a mistake in denying your claim that is a direct result of the misinterpretation of your policy contract. Any time that you experience a denied insurance claim, you should look carefully through your contract to ensure that the company did not make a mistake on their part. If you do find that a mistake was made, make a copy of your policy and submit the information in writing to them.

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