Where Can I Find a Dog Breeder That I Can Trust?

If you are looking to purchase or adopt a new dog then you have several different options on how to go about it. One of the most trusted ways to ensure you are getting a good breed of a dog is to go with a dog breeder. Dog breeders are trained professionals that breed dogs for a living or for a second income. When you are buying from a dog breeder you are, basically, guaranteeing that the Mom and Dad of your pup are purebreds and taken care of.

Not all dog breeders are the same, however, and there are many instances where dog breeding can be considered cruel and awful punishment. Furthermore, some dog breeders are untrustworthy and, while you may think you are getting a purebred, you are, in fact, not. This is a huge problem as dog breeders charge several hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, for their puppies and thus you need to be sure that you are using a dog breeder that you can trust.

Dog Breeder Associations

When looking for a dog breeder that you can trust you can search an online database to see if the breeder in question is registered. The American Kennel Club and the American Dog Breeders Association are two good places to start which list various dog breeders across the nation. There are also online directories that allow you to search for breeders in your area or by breed of choice.

When you are meeting with a dog breeder and choosing your puppy or dog you need to also go with your gut instinct. If you feel like there is something amiss, that the pets have been treated poorly or that the conditions are not favorable, then it is important that you report this to the authorities.

Another important thing to consider when looking into dog breeders is the price of the pet in question. Take some time to research how much the standard prices are for pure bred pups in your breed of choice. This can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars but it is best to get a ball park estimate and go from there.

When you are examining the pups, make sure you take a good look at Mom and Dad as well. Check their features, their hair, their eyes, their ears and their movement. You should also check male pup's testicles to see if they have descended. If not, then there could be a problem with potential cancer down the road and you may need to have him de-sexed before getting to breed him. If this is something you are buying a pup for, then this will be a big concern.

Buying a Purebred

Buying a dog from a breeder basically ensures that you are getting a dog that comes from a good background. You will know where the pup came from and know that his breed is pure. Many dog owners love a certain breed, such as a German shepherd or a Great Dane, and do not want to mess with this purity.

Many other pet owners, however, couldn't care less. If you do not really care about whether your pet is a purebred or not then consider adopting a pet from a shelter, and use that money to get good home insurance. This is going to be a lot cheaper and it will also ensure that a homeless pet gets a second chance at life. If you are keen on adopting through a breeder, then take the time to look for a dog breeder you can trust online through a directory or through one of the listed organizations.

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