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Homeowners insurance is very important because it protects your home and the contents within in the case that your home catches fire or another event occurs that you need to make repairs. The damages that are covered are those that are beyond your control.

An example of an event that damages your home that is beyond your control is when your home is damaged from a wind storm. You definitely can't tell the wind to not damage your home. You also can't control when someone else causes the damage. For instance, someone comes into your home and punches out a window.

What your home insurance doesn't cover is anything that you do to it. If you decide you are going to put a nail in a wall to hang a picture and you miss the nail, poking a hole through the wall, your home insurance is not going to cover that.

But when you do have a claim, it is important that you have your agent's contact information so that you can make that claim. You also want to have it so that you can answer questions.

Importance of Contact Information

You need to keep your policy somewhere where you can easily find it because your agent's contact information is going to be present on it.

You may even consider keeping your agent's contact information on your emergency phone number list that you keep on your refrigerator or near your phone. You can even write it in your phone book or keep it programmed into your cell phone so that you do not have to hunt it down.

The reason why you want to have your agent's contact information nearby is so that you can speed up the process of getting paid on a claim. You must call as soon as you have a claim. If there are other means of contact, such as an email or an online form that you can use to execute a claim, make sure that information is near your computer so that you don't have to look for it.

Although the reasons behind why you must file ca claim can be upsetting, you need to file the claim as soon as you can. And if someone is making a claim against you, don't try to resolve the issue on your own. Turn it over to your home insurance company.

Information to Provide

Once you find your agent's contact information, you will then need to call them and provide them with any information that is requested. The same applies if you're making your claim online or informing your insurance company of an event.

You'll provide your name and policy number, as well as other required information. You will then provide information regarding the nature of the claim. This ensures that the right paperwork is filed. You may be sent the paperwork to fill out so that you can continue your claim. You then send that back and the compensation process will begin.

You will then receive a check for the damage that has been done. If the claim was a liability claim against you, the liability case may go to court, but your home insurance company will pay the settlement amount rather than you having to pay it out of pocket. Never assume that you are going to win against the plaintiff and won't have to pay. If you don't utilize help from your insurance company, then you could be stuck with monetary damages you can't pay. You can't involve your insurance company after the damages have been awarded to the injured. So always make sure your agent's contact information is close and to contact immediately.

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